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Octrons Challenge Reloaded. Mobile game
Octrons Challenge - Mission Science Genius link to Appstore
Octrons Challenge Reloaded game selected for showcase Play NYC , New York gaming convention on 10 August 2020
Big Indie Pitch Mobile Edition Helsinki
Mission New York level in Octrons Challe
Mission Paris game level in Octrons Chal
Mission Sydney game level in Octrons Cha
Octrons Challenge Reloaded Launching Aug

Save the World With Awesome Super Powers

Team KuniaLabs designs cool games for kids to spark Love for Science by game based learning

Exclusive kids science games SuperHero with Awesome Super powers (Laser Vision, Nuclear Attack, Super Touch, Super Shield)

The games provide a subliminal learning experience for inquisitive young children

iOS Exclusive Kids Science Games

Our iOS Exclusive Kids Science  games are made Free to Play

Fun game based learning techniques for game design

The Octrons Challenge game series addresses some of the issues facing our planet today

We strictly follow the online guidelines including COPPA (US), GDPR (EU), Indian online data rules

Digital Play Addiction

Reduction of digital play addiction is part of our ongoing mission as part of game development

Our games usually have shorter level game plays (100 seconds) and lend to creative breaks for kids without being addictive

Family Friendly

Game themes generally follow a superhero comic strip tale #ScienceSuperHero

Completely free to play games, no In-App purchase, no lootboxes, no collection of player data, no external links to websites

Family and child friendly

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Copyright © 2020, KuniaLabs : All rights reserved

OctronsChallenge - Reloaded is developed as a free fun learning game for all ages entirely by KuniaLabs 
Permission is granted to all to download and distribute the content on this page, as deemed fit for distribution

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