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KuniaLabs is an Exclusive Mobile and Card Games studio based in Bangalore, India. Our games are designed by parents and educationists and are exclusively Made in India . 


Mobile Games harness the power of game based learning for inquisitive young Einsteins / Elons who dream of blackholes , wormholes, space travel . Released on iOS and Android Platform 

Games Pipeline

Card Games incorporate card dice game challenges including Do & Die Mode, Wheel Mode , Race Mode, Galaxy Mode


KuniaLabs logo
Kunia Labs logo

Octrons Challenge - Reloaded 

Octrons Challenge - Reloaded is an Alien Shooter iOS exclusive mobile game . The whole world is under attack by the Evil Dr. Octron. 

KAY (Science Genius) is racing against time on his Mission to collect the Jewels of Science .

But Dr.Octrons minions  are determined to stop KAY.

The epic battle around the world includes London, New York, Sydney, Paris,Tokyo, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro 

  • Complete (im)possible missions and try to beat the clock

  • Evade Octrons minions who fire O-Rays and are determined to stop you

  • Collect  Jewels of Science for each mission level

  • Custom Fire & Forget projectiles to stop Octron

  • Designed by Parents and Educationists

  • Child safe adhering to online data regulations of EU (GDPR), USA(COPPA), India

  • Launching exclusively on iOS


Octrons Challenge Reloaded Launching Aug
Octrons Challenge Reloaded. Mobile game
Mission Paris game level in Octrons Chal
Mission Sydney game level in Octrons Cha
Mission New York level in Octrons Challe
2020 Cricket Ultimate Challenge Quiz Gam
IPL T20 Cricket Quiz Ultimate Challenge mobile game

Game Credits

Avinash Subramanian

Executive Game Producer

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