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KuniaLabs is an Indie Game and Design studio based in Bangalore, India. We are one of worlds first Games and Design studio to spark love for Future Science in children.


Games Studio creates Edu Mobile , PC and Card games are designed by parents and educationists to harness the power of game based learning for inquisitive young Einstein's / Elon's .

Bespoke Games for Corporates as part of 360 Customer Marketing includes Advergames for Customer Loyalty, GIF Animation 


Design Studio creates custom packaging design, brochure design, stationary design, poster design for corporates 

Games Pipeline

Rakesh Barik
Srikanth BPC

Octrons Challenge Game

Octrons Challenge is a free sidescroller Mobile & PC game . The whole world is under attack by Octron. 


KAY (Science Genius) is racing against time on his Mission to collect the Jewels of Science .


But Octrons minions  are determined to stop KAY.

The epic battles takes KAY around the world including New Delhi, Dubai , London, New York

  • Complete (im)possible missions and try to beat the clock

  • Fly and Zoom across world cities like New Delhi, Dubai, London, New York

  • Evade Octrons minions who fire O-Rays and are determined to stop you

  • Collect  Jewels of Science for each mission level

  • Custom Fire & Forget projectiles to stop Octron

  • Completely Free game, no Ads, no-In App Purchases, no Lootboxes, no collecting player data, no external links to websites   

  • Designed by Parents and Educationists

  • Child safe adhering to online data regulations of EU (GDPR), USA(COPPA), India

  • Available on Android (Google), iOS (Apple), Amazon AppStore & PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux) on ITCH.IO and GameJolt

Octrons Challenge Images

Octrons Challenge - Mission Science Genius link to Appstore

Game Credits

Avinash Subramanian

Executive Game Producer

Rakesh Barik

Head of Art

Srikant BPC

Head of Programming

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