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I am very happy to pen a few thoughts both as a parent and a tech professional

My professional experiences are centered around IT sales and consulting to Fortune 500 companies in Europe , USA and Middle East

As a father to a Tween (son aged 10 yrs), I have found myself badgered for my iPad at all times

From nursery rhymes to every possible edu-content on YouTube, made the iPad ,all but unavailable for me.

Gradually realization dawned that Gen Z is a digital native generation and digital devices are second nature to them


I found that games attracted Tweens considerably .This attraction ranged from passionate interest to borderline addiction

Long story short, realization dawned  that abrupt removal of digital games/ devices from kids could be counterproductive  . It certainly woud'nt make them model kids who would love books, hobbies, outdoor activities on the rebound

To use digital games to spark love for science in children (Tweens 6yrs to 12 yrs) thus become a mission which translated to a startup i founded KuniaLabs (

Hence my submission to all readers would be that there exist startups who understand the role of game based learning as a tertiary education tool (especially during this pandemic cycle)

This of course demands supervision by parents otherwise the cure could become worse than the problem itself.

Do reach out with your thoughts, feedback, suggestions to below id.


Founder - KuniaLabs
Tweet @kunialabs

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