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 Super Fun Quiz Game

Octron Quiz Games Math Science GK Genius
Octron Math Science GK Quiz
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Power Quiz

Test of Math Science GK Knowledge in a SuperFun Game

  • Free to play quiz game

  • Test of Math , Science GK for all ages

  • Spans fun categories

  • Timed challenges adds to the gaming excitement

  • Simple & Fast levels

  • Multilingual

How to Play

Select Level and Language

  • Select Language (English, Hindi,Kannada, Tamil, Telugu)

  • Yes / No Answer to Question within preset seconds

  • An incorrect answer results in losing a Life & No points are awarded

  • Game Level progression adds additional questions to be answered
  • Bonus Points awarded for Beating the Countdown Timer
  • Additional Lives can be earned in game
  • 3 Star Level Rating Awarded
  • Level difficulty and progressive challenges add to the excitement
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Copyright © 2020, KuniaLabs : All rights reserved

Octron Quiz Games is developed as a free fun learning mobile game for all ages entirely by KuniaLabs
Permission is granted to all to download and distribute the content on this page, as deemed fit for distribution

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