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KAY Science Hero


KAY is our Science Hero on a mission to save the Universe 

Kay is a naughty , inquisitive kid with active imagination .His father gifts him a cupboard bought at a flea market. Its actually a magic cupboard !!

At night , Kay sees lights coming from it.Opening the cupboard transports him to 'IMAGin'. A parallel universe 

KAY comes to know about the evil Dr. OCTRON from the friendly beings on 'IMAGin'.

To defeat Dr. Octron , Kay has to complete a set of 8 challenges 8 blue crystals arranged in Kay’s ray gun will emit an anti-matter blast which will destroy Dr. Octron.

Peter Vesterbacka , Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds

Peter is a guide and mentor to KAY

Peter character is based on Peter Vesterbacka , who remains an inspiration to Team KuniaLabs.


Peter Vesterbacka was the force behind creating the world-beating Angry Birds franchise , widely acknowledged as the father of the Nordic startup revolution, a pre-eminent entrepreneur and visionary from the region.

Peter supports causes related to Education, Children, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology and leads through action in various charitable causes across the world.

In our Octrons Challenge game series, Peter acts as a guide to KAY in his battle against Dr. Octron 

Dr Octron


Dr. Octron is an Evil Genius and antagonist in Octrons Challenge

The character of Dr. Octron is a tribute to the legendary Lee Falk whose comic strips provide joy to countless children around the world.

Dr. Octron is an Evil supergenius whose mission is to destroy Science across the Universe.

His face is never revealed to anybody but he communicates only through his image projection with his minions.

Dr. Octron considers KAY as his enemy and impediment to his goal of enslaving the Universe

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